Illicitly Taxpayer-Funded Job Banks Helps Leftists Inflict Social Justice

Work harder! It may be Friday, but the weekend isn’t here yet, and you have many important government projects to fund, including a website that helps Peace Corps retirees find positions as professional moonbats:

Taxpayers are funding a website where federal employees can find work electing Democratic candidates and organizing advocacy campaigns in support of left-wing legislation, a review of the website reveals.

Employers currently listing jobs on the site include a Democratic campaign vendor, groups that have financed the cycle’s largest pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC, activist organizations lobbying Congress for environmental regulations, and an arm of the Clinton family’s network of charitable groups.

The site is hosted, maintained, and promoted by the Peace Corps, and offers job opportunities for volunteers returning from postings overseas. Its guidelines explicitly prohibit political job listings, but that rule does not appear to have been enforced with much vigor.

Rules tend not to be, when they impede progressives. The key to soft tyranny is selective enforcement. Dinesh D’Souza can tell you all about it.

One job listing on the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Career (RPCV) Link site is for a canvass director position with Work for Progress…

Work for Progress employees have faced allegations of voter registration fraud in past elections.

What’s more,

Fair Share Action and Environment America Voter Action have both employed Work for Progress’s services in past elections. According to Federal Election Commission records, they have paid the firm more than $9.5 million since 2008.

The two groups, which both spend exclusively in support of Democrats or in opposition to Republicans, are the political arms of an array of organizations affiliated with the Public Interest Network, which is also using the RPCV job bank to recruit employees. …

Arms of the Public Interest Network have funneled large sums to Priorities USA Action, a Super PAC backing Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

Sorting out the corruption would be like trying to untangle a plate of spaghetti. In the end, every twisted noodle ends at the same place: leftists using your money to grow Big Government, which they use to appropriate more of your money.

The RPCV website also promotes five positions at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, an offshoot of the infamous Clinton Foundation that like its parent organization echoes with corruption allegations related to Hillary’s trademark influence peddling.

Roll up those sleeves, taxpayers!

On a tip from Steve A. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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