Illinois Government Continues War Against Religion

In the first week of August the Thomas Moore Society filed an emergency injunction to prevent the State of Illinois from taking away the foster children that are currently under Catholic Charities’ care during the appeal currently underway.

Shockingly, the government of the State of Illinois has determined that religious people are ill-suited to being allowed to be foster parents for at risk children to to help place such children in safe and loving homes. And so, in his infinite wisdom, Governor Pat Quinn and his irreligious cohorts want to make it illegal for groups such as Catholic Charities to deal with child services.

The state has decided that Catholic Charities and other religious-based organizations that deal with children should not be allowed to observe their own religious principles in the doing. In other words, the State of Illinois is refusing to allow these Christians to follow their freedom of religion.

At issue is the refusal of religious services to place children in the homes of gay couples, a policy in keeping with their religious principles. The State has decided that this fealty to principle should be disallowed, Constitutional guarantees or no.

What started all this? One would assume that the state had been getting volumes of complaints, or somehow some children were harmed by the religious services adoption efforts. But the sad fact is it took only one complaint by a gay couple for Illinois authorities to unilaterally decide that religious children’s services are evil.

If the State wins its bid to attempt to force religious groups from violating their consciences, what will happen is that religious groups will be forced to stop offering the sort of children’s services that have for decades been helping children find loving, stable homes.

Typically, only the children will be hurt by this anti-religious, left-wing agenda.

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