‘Impeach Maxine Waters’ street art posted near town hall strikes a nerve [VIDEO]

‘Impeach Maxine Waters’ street art posted near town hall strikes a nerve [VIDEO]

Street artist Sabo has set his sights on Maxine Waters and not everyone appreciates what he has to say about the California Congresswoman.

His recent “installments” are “Impeach Maxine Waters” themed and were put up around Inglewood to greet the batty woman when she hosted her town hall.

One of his pieces features the “story” of Trump receiving two scoops of ice cream while other White House visitors only received one. Oh, the humanity.

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Another hilariously points out Waters’ obsession with race and identity politics.

A third poster dubs Waters a “poverty pimp” and shows the Congresswoman with crazy red eyes.

My personal favorite of this collection would be the street signs that are just casually hanging out and making political statements.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters were heckled at the town hall and told to “go back to Europe.”

Watch the video below:

Maxine Waters has said some unbelievably ridiculous stuff over the years, but honestly I think she’s losing her mind. I don’t know who keeps voting for this lady, but I have to imagine that they are just as nutty.

I’m glad that someone has decided to point out the obvious problem here – Waters is pandering to minorities and making money off of their struggles. She doesn’t even live in her own district, so what does that tell you? She doesn’t want to be bothered with having to mingle with the little people who keep her in office.

Thank you to Sabo for providing us with art that conservatives and libertarians (and really anyone that has two brain cells to rub together) can stand behind. Of course liberals are going to have a cow about this, but isn’t that half of the fun? Hopefully someone wakes up and realizes how terrible Maxine Waters is for her constituents and makes a serious effort to oust her.

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