In 2011 Public Employees Unions Must Be Targeted for Elimination

-By Warner Todd Huston

One of the biggest recurring themes in union reporting these days is music to the ears of any fiscally responsible American. It seems almost weekly that we are seeing stories that recount the ire being directed at public employee unions. Let us hope that this reporting is the first ripples of an anti-union tidal wave that will sweep public employee unions from our governments drowning in union-created red ink.

One of the latest is an editorial out of Wisconsin by the Lakeland Times’ Gregg Walker. Walker kicked off his piece with exactly the sort of sentiment that we should hope will lead to an end to public employee unions.

Just when we thought the political agenda of Wisconsin’s public employee unions could get no more self-centered, just when we thought that a union could not advertise its own disdain for the public interest while pursuing its own crass self-interest any more than it has, it did.

That is exactly the point, here. Public employee unions are a danger to every government, every voter in the country. PEUs don’t care about fiscal responsibility, PEUs don’t care about the fact that your taxes are going sky high and will have to go higher still to suit their luxurious bennies, PEUs don’t care about the solvency of our various governments whether they be city, county, state or federal.

Walker is right, though, to see public employee unions as the prime reason that governments are flailing (and failing) everywhere. But, that doesn’t go far enough. The blame is equally placed on the Democrat Party and its incestuous relationship with the PEUs. Unions give Democrats campaign money so that they give unions favorable new laws and raise their bennies and pay scale, Democrats do that, then union give them even more campaign money for even better bennies and pay hikes. It is a parasitic cycle and the dying body from which both of these insects feed is you and me, the taxpayer.

Worse, when the politicians fail the unions, then these vampires turn to the judges they’ve paid off to come to their aide and force government to give unions goodies at the expense of the taxpayers. So, even when the parasitic relationship with politicians fails, they have the out-of-control courts that come to their aid. And in all this we the people get the shaft.

It is time to push to end legal status of public employee unions. Before 1958 PEUs were illegal. They should be made so again and that goal should be our target.

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