In Worst Economy In Decades Oregon Considers Massive Tax Hike

If you Tea Party goers in the western U.S. want a specific battle to fight there is none better than ballot measures 66 and 67 in the State of Oregon. The venerable Beaver State is preparing to chase out even more jobs and intends to tax its industry and small businesses to death with these badly timed measures but Oregonians have a chance to stop them by voting “no” on both 66 and 67.

During the worst national and state-wide economy since The Great Depression, with Oregon families losing jobs in every corner of the state, with businesses going out of business everywhere, the high-minded, left-wing state government has decided in its inestimable wisdom to launch the largest tax hike on the business community and the so-called rich in Oregon’s history. In 2009 over 1$ billion in permanent tax hikes was signed into law by Governor Ted Kulongoski, the drunken sailor that sits in the State House in Salem.

Oregon’s public employees unions would already be reaping this windfall and the profligate spenders in state government would be rolling in dough were it not for the fact that Oregonians have the benefit of the ballot measure. After Kulongoski signed the two tax bills the good citizens of Oregon gathered twice as many signatures as the law required to give final approval or disapproval for this wild tax spree to the voters. With these ballot measures the bills sponsored by Governor Kulongoski and his tin-eared, big spending cohorts in Salem just might be rejected by the people because there were enough citizens alarmed at this wild tax hike to sign the petitions. So, measures 66 and 67 will appear on Oregon’s ballot come November.

This is an excellent opportunity for small government-minded Tea Party goers to come together to defeat wild government spending. But these tax bills aren’t being opposed only by good conservative folks. Even The Oregonian, a left leaning newspaper, has recently published an editorial opposing the tax hikes. The Oregonian’s opening paragraph aptly sums up this debate.

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Of all times, of all things, the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature chose now, in the throes of one of the worst recessions in history, to make business an enemy. They chose this moment to pit business against schools, the private sector against public unions, employers against the jobless.

Hear, hear.

Granted in 2003 The Oregonian didn’t support Governor Ted Kulongoski when he was candidate Ted Kulongoski, but the paper is not a paragon of conservative values, to be sure.

The most salient point here is that between 2000 and 2009 Oregon’s state expenditures have grown by over $10 billion with $2 billion of that in 2009 alone.

It is estimated that Oregon will have a $1.6 billion shortfall for 2010 and Governor Kulongoski hopes that this giant tax hike will fill in that hole. But isn’t that just like government? Instead of looking to trim the sails of profligate spenders, instead of telling the illicit union thugs that the taxpayer’s just can’t afford their high lifestyle any more and cuts will have to be made… instead of doing what every real-world business and household has to do to make ends meet in tough times, Governor Ted Kulongoski and his tax hogs in Salem want to dip into the pockets of the people by imposing a tax that will negatively affect their very livelihoods.

So, folks here is the perfect opportunity to tell an out of control state government that enough is enough. Vote “no” on measures 66, and 67.

For more information of Measures 66 and 67, visit’s excellent, information packed website.

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