Indiana Democrat Fleebagger Compares Himself to Our Soldiers

There is nothing worse than some self-interested politician acting as if his partisan political agenda makes him serving his country just like our brave soldiers at war. But here we have it from Indiana’s 69th District Democrat Dave Cheatham, one of the Hoosier State Reps that ran off to Illinois to avoid doing his job at the state capitol.

But what is worse than this cretin claiming that his running off to Illinois to stay at a resort hotel for a week on the taxpayer’s dime is somehow just like being a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan is the fact that the union thugs in the audience applauded for this politician, heartily agreeing with the whole misconception!

Representative Cheatham (and isn’t it just right that his name has CHEAT in it?) was at a union meeting with Indiana’s union-sold teachers in attendance when he told the audience that he was just like our soldiers when he ran off to Illinois. Disgustingly, the teachers in attendance gleefully clapped for the man’s conceit.

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So, here you have it, Representative Cheatham saying that his running off to Illinois to sit in a resort hotel is “just like” our soldiers going off to Afghanistan.

Now, let me say something about this concept of who is “serving” and who is not. At some base level I can agree that serving in our government — whether elected or otherwise — is, indeed, a level of serving the community. I agree that at a base level a state representative is serving his community. It is beyond doubt that every elected official is serving his community.

But the hubris of comparing an elected official to a soldier in battle and claiming they are both serving to the same degree is arrogant in the extreme. It is also just plain wrong.

(H/T HoosierPundit)

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