It’s A Trap! Healthcare.Gov Wants Your ATM and Credit Card Pin Numbers

Well, this should turn out well. : Apparently, the Obamacare website is asking for your credit card and ATM pin numbers. : It’s safe because the site completely secure. : Sorry, I was speaking as if this administration was competent. : The website is far from safe — and experts says that no security was ever built into the site. : Additionally, on top of : the credit card/ATM fiasco, the payments portion of the site isn’t even built yet.

Congressional lawmakers and staff are getting a hard lesson in the problems with the ObamaCare websites, as they run up against long wait times, technical failures and security issues with the D.C. exchange.

The problems prompted the House chief administrative officer on Thursday to write the Office of Personnel Management urging them to take “immediate steps” to make sure lawmakers and staff can enroll.

New problems emerged on Friday, with a Capitol Hill source drawing attention to an apparent scam in the system. The source detailed how, after telling the user the password was incorrect, the site directed the individual to a “forgot password” page – which then asked for highly personal information.

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“On that page I was asked for my check card number and my ATM pin,”: the source said. “I was fairly confident this was a scam so I called customer service.: After a 103 minute hold time, I was told that this was indeed a scam.”: 

Doesn’t anyone remember when McAfee founder, John McAfee, said this would be a “hacker’s wet dream?” :  Moreover, some Americans may not even know if they’re enrolled in Obamacare.

One in four of those applications either did not get transferred to insurers, were transferred in duplicate form, or had major errors in information shared.

Insurers are supposed to receive the 834 Forms from The forms, meant to be read by computers, provide insurers with information on enrollees and what plan they have chosen. Without the information, insurers have no way of knowing who has signed up on the: Obamacareexchanges: and what coverage they need.

A spokesman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Friday suggested that the only way those who enrolled in October and November can be sure they will be covered in January is by paying their insurance bill and contacting their insurer to confirm their standing.

“I would certainly encourage any consumer that has a question of their insurance choice to contact the insurance company of their choice to get additional information,”: CMS spokeswoman Julie Bataille told reporters [last] Friday.

Hope and change. y’all.

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