It’s NOT Your Tree Mr. President

Call it the democrat in me (small “d,” people, small “d”) but every time I hear this president talk about “my house” when he is discussing the White House, I bristle. It isn’t “your house,” Mr. Obama. It is the people’s house. You have just been fortunate enough to have been selected to sleep there for a few years. The arrogance of this man claiming the White House to be “his” house is galling.

Well, now he has apparently decided that all the vegetation surrounding the White House is “his,” too. Or at least one tree is, anyway. Today near the northeast side of the White House on the North Lawn Obama disturbed the grass with a few shovels full of dirt where was planted a new tree; a 25-foot Tilden tree originally from New Jersey.

As the tree was being set, Obama talked with reporters.

“That’s my tree, that’s a nice looking tree,” the President said noting that his grounds superintendent told him it would be grow to be a good-sized tree, “that’s a nice looking tree, don’t you think?”

No, you arrogant little cuss. It isn’t your tree. It is the people’s tree.

The arrogance aside, a telling little incident occurred during this photo-op that is perfectly emblematic of Barack Hussein Obama’s entire presidency thus far. Here is how ABCs Sunlen Miller reported it:

Using a gold shovel used at two prior tree plantings during the Bush administration, Mr. Obama only shoveled nine shovels full of dirt, barely making a dent in the hole that needed to be filled, and noted that the photo-opt wasn’t really a proper demonstration of the work that really needed to be done to plant a tree.

“This is a little easier than it should be,” Obama said to press, “although I probably could not lift this on my own.”

How typical of Obama and his policies. A fake photo-op (or as Miller oddly wrote “photo-opt”) where Obama pretends to do some heavy lifting, but leaves the actual work to everyone else, after which he admits that it was a misleading, false impression that he left everyone with. Seems like his entire presidency wrapped up in one little incident, eh?

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