It’s Officially Obama’s Ball Now In 2010

As the saying goes, a stopped clock is right twice a day, and Kathleen Parker appears to be losing her loving feeling for Obama

As this new year commences, two facts emerge: George W. Bush is officially retired as the fault-guy for the nation’s ills, and Barack Obama owns the game.

Whether he wants to or not.

Of course, the problem here, is that Obama actively campaigned for the job after promising he wouldn’t run till after he completed his first term as a Senator. And then failed to take ownership. He’s not Gerald Ford, who became The Man after a strange set of circumstances. But, yes, she is correct in that being almost a year since his Coronation, it’s no longer the Dubya Abbott and Barry Costello Show. Abbott has retired, and we are left with a really unfunny Costello.

The cool detachment that was so attractive when political opponents were trying to rile Obama is suddenly becoming annoying. Preternaturally unflappable, his demeanor in these circumstances borders on inappropriate. Not that we need bombast and flared nostrils. Calm in the face of potential disaster is laudable, but it’s a fine line between executive tranquillity and passive nonchalance.

There’s an easier way to put that: Obama is in way over his head. But, then, we all knew that back in 2007 when he became the front runner for the Democrats. And we have watched him be overwhelmed by the job, much like a newly minted Ensign suddenly being in charge of an aircraft carrier in a war zone.

Meanwhile, what is Barry’s Dem Congress doing for jobs and an attempt to make Barry and the Dems look like they are Doing Something?

Republicans scoff at the “Jobs for Main Street Act” title that House Democrats put on their $174 billion package last month. They refer to it as “son of the stimulus,” the $787 billion economic recovery plan of nearly a year ago that they say was ineffective at producing jobs.

In its last vote of 2009, the House narrowly passed the bill, 217-212, without a single Republican supporter.

Democrats tick off the job prospects from the House bill’s $75 billion in infrastructure and public sector spending: tens of thousands of new construction jobs, 5,500 more police officers, 25,000 additional AmeriCorps members, 250,000 summer jobs for disadvantaged youth, 14,000 part-time jobs for parks and forestry workers.

When even ABC News is exposing the nuttiness of the Dem plan, you know there is an issue. Notice that all are government jobs, some are blue collar, most are short term or part time, and gotta love 25K more positions for Obama’s Brown Shirts.

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