Jeb Bush Says it’s ‘Ridiculous’ Not to Give Amnesty and Freebies to Illegal Alien ‘Dreamers’

Once again Jeb Bush is out there pushing for illegals to be given free citizenship and made “Americans” and he says that it is “ridiculous” for America to refuse to do so. This guy claims to be a Republican?

A video of the former Florida Governor speaking at the Hispanic Leadership Network in April 2013 has surfaced where we once again see a Jeb Bush pushing to destroy our immigration laws and for rewarding criminals all paid for by you and me, the US taxpayer.

First reported by CNN, the video shows Bush at an appearance at an event sponsored by the Hispanic Leadership Network in April 2013. Bush was asked about his position on a Senate immigration reform bill and, specifically, on offering citizenship to people brought to the United States as children — commonly known as “Dreamers” after failed legislation called the DREAM Act that would have granted many of them legal residency.

“I’ve never felt like the sins of the parents should be ascribed to the children,” Bush says to the interviewer. “If the children always have to pay the price for the adults’ decisions they make – How fair is that? So, for people that have no country to go back to, which are many of the Dreamers, it’s ridiculous to think there shouldn’t be some accelerated path to citizenship. The [immigration reform] bill gets close to that and I think that’s great. And I think there is almost universal support for that.”

The statement puts Bush squarely in opposition to the efforts of Capitol Hill Republicans. One of the explicit measures that House Republicans attached to the DHS funding bill they passed is a ban on using any appropriated funds implement the president’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program, known as DACA, which lifted the threat of deportation from illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

If this excuser of law-breaking wins the nomination for the GOP, not only will he lose, but he will permanently split the Republican Party and will destroy conservatism in America.

Warner Todd Huston

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