Joe Biden Even Lies To Babies

This may come as newsflash to comrades Biden, Obama, Pelosi and the other anti-capitalist warriors on the Left, but this is not the Soviet Union. Put another way, it’s not “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” here.

Since that’s the case, my money DOES NOT belong to you, Joe Biden, or any babies who are unfortunate enough to be in his vicinity.

“That’s another trillion dollars in tax cuts over the next ten years going to the top 1% of American taxpayers. [baby crying] I don’t blame her for crying. She is going to inherit it. She’s going to pay for it. That’s one smart baby.” — Joe Biden

Since liberals believe that the government owns all of your money and you’re fortunate if you get to keep any of it, they say incredibly stupid things like Joe Biden did. And, yes, if you’re a liberal and you think the same way Joe Biden does, it’s lucky that you’re here on Right Wing News because you’re very ignorant and there’s an outside chance that if you read enough posts here, you might learn something. I doubt it, but anything’s possible.

Even Joe Biden, whose primary accomplishments seemed to be plagiarism, insensitive racial remarks, and having a knack for gaffes before he became Vice President, should be able to understand this. He’s part of an administration that is going to run up 1.2 trillion dollars in debt THIS YEAR. His boss, Barack Obama, submitted a 10 year budget that lays on another 13 trillion dollars in debt over the next decade. If tax rates remain the same, even if they go up significantly on the rich, this country is on track to default in a decade because of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the diehard socialists who run the Democrat Party lock, stock, and barrel these days.

Moreover, although you could certainly make a fair argument that a tax cut for Americans would lead to the government ultimately getting less revenue than it would otherwise, history also suggest that tax cuts lead to increased economic growth and higher tax revenues for the government. In other words, if you cut taxes today, chances are, the government would be hauling in more tax dollars within 18-24 months than it is right now. At some point, if you cut taxes low enough, that would cease to happen, but there’s no reason to think we’re that low on the Laffer Curve yet.

In any case, whether we’re talking about Romney’s tax cut or Obama’s tax increases, this country is on track to economically collapse within a decade or two, if not sooner, because of spending — not lack of tax revenue. In fact, given what we’ve seen with Hauser’s law (No matter how tax rates change, the government doesn’t seem to be able to raise more than 20% of GDP), it seems highly likely that it is IMPOSSIBLE to fix our deficit problems with tax increases.

There is only one realistic way to fix the very real problems caused by the deficit — that little baby and the rest of us are going to face in the next few years — and it’s spending cuts, not tax increases.

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