Joe Biden Threatens To Kill Reporters If They Write Negative Article About Him

Sheriff Joe is off the reservation

(UK Daily Mail) Vice President Joe Biden threatened reporters Saturday with a water gun.

Biden pulled the water pistol on members of the press during the annual media picnic at his official residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

‘Anybody who writes a bad story about me is dead,’ he said while holding the gun. ‘I just want you to know that, get this straight, we’re not gonna kid around about this.’

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Just look at this gun wielding maniac!

Horrific! Perpetuating a society of gun violence! Where’s Piers “Musket” Morgan when you need him! Will Moms Demand Action protest Sheriff Joe? How about Mike Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Other Citizens Protecting Themselves With Guns Illegal Guns? Doesn’t Joe know that water pistols give young impressionable minds the idea that guns are OK, which lead to use of actual guns? Horrible!

Obviously, the Daily Mail article was meant to be silly, while mine were facetious. And Biden was just being silly, having some fun. Most of us in the Real World understand there was no real death threat. Yet, consider that a child draws a picture of a gun and gets suspended, a child brings a water pistol to school and get suspended, and a child uses his fingers (a level two look alike firearm) to represent a gun and gets suspended, but it is okay for Joe “Shoot ‘Em Thru the Door” Biden to threaten to kill journalist while holding a water gun? NJ threatened to revoke a man’s parental rights if he didn’t take his child for psychiatric testing after the 7th grader “twirled a pencil like a gun.” Another child bites a pop tart into the shape of a gun and is suspended. Another is suspended for bringing a pink Hello Kitty bubble making gun to school. The stories keep going and going, highlighting the hysteria from certain Americans regarding “guns”.

Imagine what would happen to a child if he/she brought a water pistol to school? Oh, that’s right, suspension.

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