Joe Klein Desperate to Change Debate From Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures

As our embassies burn and our foreign officers are being murdered overseas, TIME Magazine’s Joe Klein is desperate to change the current narrative of Obama’s major failures in the Middle East. So, in his latest piece, Klein wants to go back to talking about Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts healthcare policies.

Who can blame Klein for trying this? After all, from the Obama-loving media’s perspective talking about Mitt Romney’s garbled healthcare positions is a better plan than talking about Obama telling Egypt they aren’t our ally, Obama skipping all his intelligence briefings so he can go golfing and attend fundraisers, and his administration’s utter failure to detect the coordinated attacks that were perpetrated against our embassies and foreign service personnel in the Middle East on Sept. 11 and 12.

But what makes Klein’s “The Mitt Mirage” so laughable is his blindly partisan assertions that the Democrat national convention was “extremely successful.” This is a silly claim that even many of his own compadres in the Old Media establishment can’t force themselves to say.

His unserious appraisal of the Democrat convention proves once again that he can be considered nothing but an outright propagandist. Just look at the spin in this paragraph:

Romney’s health gaffe came at a moment of peril for his candidacy. His party’s convention had failed to lift him and would be remembered eternally for Clint Eastwood’s empty chair. The Democratic convention, by contrast, had been extremely successful, even if Obama’s speech wasn’t. Indeed, the Obama people seem to have a far more sophisticated sense of how to run a campaign than the Romney people do.

First of all, Clint Eastwood’s speech was successful in what he aimed to do and that was appeal to the average person. A Surevey USA poll of 754 registered Florida voters saw 22 percent switching from undecided or from Obama to Romney the very night of Eastwood’s presentation. If he was so bad, how could that have happened? Further his speech has more Youtube views than any other speech of either convention, including that of the President’s.

Secondly, the Democrat convention was not even hailed as a great success by Klein’s own media fellows. Immediately after Obama’s speech a whole raft of Old Media mavens expressed their disappointment at the whole affair, especially Obama’s rehashed speech. The Dem. convention was one great drive for the base alone and, quite unlike the GOP convention, made no effort whatever to aim its message to the undecideds, moderates or crossover voters. It was an affair for extremists alone. No moderates need apply.

Of course, that is why Klein liked it. It was an extremist’s party.

Then Klein went on to concede that Romney may still win the election. Why? Because “the economy could tank.”

Seriously? “Could”? Joe, the economy HAS tanked. There is no “could” about it.

Amusingly, one of Klein’s final pronouncements is that Romney won’t do well in debates with Obama because Romney “has never once stood up to the party’s extremist base.”

But has Obama ever stood up to his extremist base? No. And the reason for that is because Obama is an extremist He is 100 percent pro-infanticide, stands against Israel, is anti-business, anti-military, and has a desire to manage America’s decline as a punishment for her success as a world leader. After all, “You didn’t build that.” You can’t get more extreme than that.

Joe Klein is an unserious, partisan hack.

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