John Kerry: ISIS Gravest Threat, Embodiment Of Evil

Has he checked with himself and his boss regarding the threat level?

(Washington Post) Secretary of State John F. Kerry on Thursday called the Islamic State “the gravest extremist threat faced by our generation and the embodiment of evil in our time,” describing the group as combining “medieval and modern fascism” and comparing it to the enemies the United States faced in the last century’s world wars.

Well, it’s nice to have the threat recognized. Now, if only they’d acknowledge the true threat from all Islamists, especially those working quietly and without the violence to change Western society using our own laws, Constitutions, and mores against us.

Even as the diplomatic track continues, he said, the fight against the Islamic State has expanded. President Obama “over the last month . . . has directed every member of his national security team to pick up the pace and move forward with ideas for degrading and defeating Daesh more rapidly, more completely, and permanently.” (snip)

“The stakes could not be higher,” Kerry said. “We are on the right track, and we are making gains, and we are clear about the road ahead.”

Imagine what we could have done if someone had treated ISIS as the Varsity, rather than the JV.

Of course, there’s this

There’s plenty more like that from SoS Kerry. He’s also compared ‘climate change’ as being as big a threat as ISIS, Ebola, and other things.

Perhaps Mr. Kerry should have checked with Mr. Obama, who doesn’t seem to make any equivocation regarding ‘climate change’ being his #1 threat.

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