John Stossel Gives me a Shout Out

Usually I don’t give notice for every single time some news agency cites my work. If I did I’d be spending too much time doing it (no, that wasn’t too self congratulatory at all! Ha, ha). But here is one that I am sort of proud of. So, if’n ya’all will indulge me for a second…

On his new Fox Business blog, long-time TV libertarian John Stossel cited my piece on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s union woes today. In a post titled “Unions’ Next Victim: California” Stossel cited my Publius Forum piece published on Jan.5.

I have a ton of respect for Mr. Stossel even as I don’t agree with some of his more libertarian ideas (such as those on drug control and prostitution) but he is right on in so much. So, that being said (and why must they always say it, right John?) I was pleased to see Mr. Stossel citing my piece.

Also, I want to wish good luck to Stossel on his new job with Fox Business channel.

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