After Jon Ossoff’s DEFEAT, Democrats Conclude To Stop Losing, They Must Go FURTHER LEFT

After Jon Ossoff’s DEFEAT, Democrats Conclude To Stop Losing, They Must Go FURTHER LEFT

I was beyond thrilled last night when Karen Handel beat John Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th congressional district. The Democrats broke a new record there and spent over $25 million trying to get a Pajama Boy elected that didn’t even live in that district. It backfired. So, instead of examining their message to see what went wrong, the Democrats in their rabid insanity have decided to lurch even further left. That’s right… embrace the violent radicalism threatening to eat them whole.

The Democrats are now actively rejecting calls for civility. This isn’t going to end well. Nope. Handel effectively tied Ossoff to Nancy Pelosi and the voters collectively puked over that alliance. So, it’s an image problem. But on the civility issue, a Bernie Sanders acolyte just tried to assassinate Republicans at a baseball practice… you would think that would give them pause before going the ‘uncivil’ route, but no.

From the Washington Post:

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Indeed, more than 200 miles to the north, a dramatically underfunded Democrat, Archie Parnell, nearly pulled off an upset victory in a House seat that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee largely ignored. In Ossoff, Democrats hoped they had found a potential new path to defeating Republicans with a message of peace and civility. They calculated that the fiery rage, often associated with supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), would not win over moderate Republicans and centrists, whose support Ossoff needed to have any chance to win a district that Tom Price, the six-term congressman who is Trump’s health secretary, won by more than 20 percentage points in November.

So Ossoff chose the high priest route instead of the fierce warrior. It was civil disobedience rather than civil unrest. And he still lost, by an even wider margin than the almost forgotten Parnell.

Ossoff ran on being the chosen one for the Resistance. He tried to be a fiscal conservative and move towards the center to get Republicans to cross over and vote for him. It didn’t work… mostly because Republicans really aren’t that stupid (we can argue that point later). Today, the left and the media are trying to paint the loss in Georgia as really not a loss because the district was overwhelmingly Republican. I’ve got news for you people… you freaking lost. This whole sore loser, denial crap is just tiresome. They can’t spend $25 million in every race coming up. Their message sucks… Marxism sucks… and the Democratic left sucks.

It’s like fighting the mob. Because Republicans wouldn’t buy Ossoff’s fake message of peace and civility, the mask will truly come off the Democrats now and they will go full frontal violently radical like Antifa. The Washington Post quotes Adam Green, who is the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee: “The best way for Democrats to maximize gains in 2018 – especially in purple and red districts – is to harness the power of the Resistance and field candidates who proudly challenge power.” The Resistance is calling for a violent overthrow of our government and rule of law. If that is what progressives have in mind for 2018, then civil war will become a reality.

Some want to boot Pelosi. I’m all for that, but not the Resistance part. Even Rahm Emanuel is trying to tell them how to win elections… they just aren’t listening: “Winning hotly contested swing seats … requires candidates who closely match their districts—even if they don’t perfectly align with the national party’s activist base.” That is exactly right. Instead, the Dems want to force themselves on the electorate. Bad idea.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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