JUST IN: Contents on Anthony Weiner’s Seized Laptop REVEALED – and It’s a Doozy [VIDEO]

JUST IN: Contents on Anthony Weiner’s Seized Laptop REVEALED – and It’s a Doozy [VIDEO]

Anthony Weiner’s personal electronics sure are a treasure trove of surprises!

In July of this year, we heard that the FBI had received 7,000 new Hillary investigation-related emails on Anthony Weiner’s private, gross laptop. At the time we were not certain as to the contents of those emails. And now, the U.S. State Department has confirmed that they ended up receiving 2,800 of those emails from the FBI.

The thousands of emails were Huma Abedin’s and were related to her work with Hillary Clinton. Former Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin were married in 2010, separated in 2016 and have already filed papers for divorce. They have one child together, who is probably one of the biggest victims in this whole scandal.

The State Department is still processing the 100,000 emails that Hillary Clinton did not disclose that existed while she was working as Secretary of State after she attempted to delete 33,000 of those emails. According to a recent court decision, the State Department has been ordered to hand over more emails to Judicial Watch, the organization that has been suing them for access. The State Department is only processing 500 pages of emails every month and has handed over 23 batches of emails so far. At this rate, Judicial Watch estimates they will not get the entire batch of emails until 2020.

In 2011, Weiner posted a naughty photo of himself on Twitter and later admitted that he had “exchanged photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years” and resigned from Congress within weeks. In 2013, he was back in politics and running for the office of Mayor of New York City when his sexting alias “Carlos Danger” got him into more trouble, and in 2016, newspapers started reporting that he was sexting with a 15 year-old girl, prompting the FBI to seize his electronics which were later found to contain emails pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s deleted masterpieces.

Weiner has now been sentenced to prison for 21 months, starting early in November. That means that if you’re planning a party celebrating one year since Trump’s election, you can throw in a few toasts laughing at Anthony Weiner’s jail sentence too. That’s a good time to place bets on what will happen to him in there. Maybe he’ll have to join the white supremacists in order to keep everyone else from beating him up for sending sexually explicit material to a teenager. Or maybe he’ll start lifting and turn into a buff pervert instead of a skinny pervert.

Here’s a new Fox Business report with Stuart Varney detailing the 2,800 emails, with Judge Andrew Napolitano saying that the new emails will lead to Hillary’s indictment in the near future if the FBI decides to reopen their case against her.

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