Just Like the Good Ol’ Days… Dems Dress as KKK Members to Protest Trump [VIDEO]

Just Like the Good Ol’ Days… Dems Dress as KKK Members to Protest Trump [VIDEO]

More free advertising for Donald Trump. Those security guards just did what all of us have been dying to do… admit it. Knock the crap out of these communist, racist agitators. They are also morons who are celebrating the glory days of the Democratic Party who founded the KKK and murdered many for the sole crime of being black. Look it up. Most blacks at the time were Republican because they wanted to end slavery and stop the racism. Boy, how things have been flipped upside down and lied about. Watch these illegal aliens tussle with the best security money can buy… and lose. Come here legally, or get the hell out.


From Gateway Pundit:

The Ku Klux Klan was founded as the activist wing of the Democratic Party.

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On September 28, 1868, a mob of Democrats massacred nearly 300 African-American Republicans in Opelousas, Louisiana. The savagery began when racist Democrats attacked a newspaper editor, a white Republican and schoolteacher for ex-slaves. Several African-Americans rushed to the assistance of their friend, and in response, Democrats went on a “Negro hunt,” killing every African-American (all of whom were Republicans) in the area they could find. (Via Grand Old Partisan)

Democrats in hoods slaughtered hundreds of Republicans and blacks across the country.

On April 20, 1871 the Republicans passed the anti-Ku Klux Klan Act outlawing Democratic terrorist groups.

Today Democrats dressed in KKK outfits protested Donald Trump outside Trump Tower in New York City.

Just like old times…

They dressed as KKK members because Trump wants to secure the US border.

Then they tussled with Trump security guards.

Democrats are the party of racists. Always have been. Wonder if those guys were paid? And if you are in America, speak English. If you hit one of Trump’s security guards, you can hardly be surprised that you are going to get thumped. They were on private property and deserved worse for their behavior. Thugs. Yet, what does CBSN focus on? How awful Trump’s security guys are for grabbing a sign and scuffling with these asshats. And what a crappy parody, if you can even call it that. ‘Make America Racist Again.’ Weak, stupid and lame. Waving Mexican flags on American soil is so nationalist. Just self-deport already. All of this because Trump wants to follow the Constitution and the rule of law. He wants to build a wall on the border to make America sovereign again – can’t have that now can we? That’s hate – must erase the borders so the invasion can continue and we all become one giant third world slave class. Go back where you came from until you can come here legally.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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