Kids ‘American Pride’ Dance Banned by School in Revolutionary War Town of Lexington, Massachusetts

A high school in Lexington, Massachusetts has stunned kids and parents alike by refusing to allow kids to perform a dance routine titled “American Pride” because it is “too American” and is mean to other nations. Yes, a school in the place where our Revolutionary War began, the very place where our first battle was fought, is now ashamed of being American and teaching kids that they should be ashamed, too.

The “American Pride” dance was canceled by the school administration because it didn’t include other nations despite that the dance routine got the most votes from the students, a report says.

School officials defended their decision and added they are willing to tweak the theme in order for everyone to be included.

“Given the diverse demography of our community it was suggested by the advisers that the students come maybe national pride theme so they could represent their individual nationalities,” Assistant Superintendent Carol Pilarski said.

“People consider America to be a melting pot, so the fact that it was even considered offensive is what people are a little surprised about,” said student Sneha Rao.

The “National Pride” dance was rescheduled for late April and students can wear red, white and blue if they choose to.

Remember, folks, this is the same town where the Battles of Lexington And Concord started in 1775, one of the two important battles where American colonists stood up for themselves and opposed the oppression of the British Crown.

In the very town where our nation was born, now school officials are saying that an America-themed dance is too mean spirited for kids to be allowed to perform.

THIS is where liberalism has driven us, America.

Warner Todd Huston

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