Last Liberal Media Gasp Day: A Reid Loss Could Reopen Nuke Debate

Politico must see the writing on the way, regarding Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, as the pull out a scary “if Sharron Angle wins” op-ed disguised as a straight story

Opponents of a Nevada nuclear waste dump thought they’d finally managed to kill the Yucca Mountain project. Then came Sharron Angle.

The tea party-backed Republican stands a good chance at ousting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has spent much of his career fighting the nuclear repository. And without a senior Nevada lawmaker in position to fend off Yucca’s supporters, the project could have new life.

You mean that location that would be the best possible location in the USA to store spent nuclear fuel rods from energy production nuclear plants? The one that was designated by……yes, that’s right, Democrats in 1987, to be the main US long term nuclear waste repository? The one that Obama refused to fund, in violation of the actual law? In fact, Obama zeroed out all funding for nuclear waste storage, which affects even the short term storage facilities, and is in violation of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982. I remember doing a paper about it back in grad school, and, looking at the three sites proposed (even though Yucca had already been designated), and seeing that Yucca was the best location. Unfortunately, that information is on a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk, something some of you young whippersnappers think of like an 8 track tape. I’m not explaining that one, either :))

A Yucca kick-start would be welcome news to the nuclear industry and pro-nuclear lawmakers who see the lack of a long-term repository as a roadblock for what they foresee as a U.S. nuclear renaissance.

Nuclear power has become a central tenet of congressional Republicans’ energy agenda; senators like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Lamar Alexander say expanding the power source will help to cut dependence on foreign oil and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Democrats and the Obama administration have shown a willingness to compromise on the issue, and nuclear is posed to be a focal point of energy talks next year on Capitol Hill if Republicans make major electoral gains.

In other words, all you older liberal weenies, if you hate the idea of nuclear power plants providing electricity, and prefer plants power by hope and unicorn flatulence, get out there and vote Reid. And for every Democrat. To hell with the future energy needs of the USA.

“I’ve always voted against making Nevada the nuclear waste dump of the nation,” Angle said at her mid-October debate with Reid, adding, “We need to quit demonizing the nuclear energy industry.”

Damn that crazy Sharron Angle who wants to….wait, what? She’s against it? So is the other Senator, John Ensign (R)? Well, not really shocking, Nevadans do not want the repository, despite it being very safe for them. In a year or two, they would forget it was there. Yet, the main point of the story seems to be that a Senate, which will probably be still Democrat controlled by a few seats, without Reid would put us on a pathway to actually *ERP* debating and even funding Yucca Mt., opening it and putting it too work.

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