Lazy Union Hires Scabs to Protest For Them

Disrupting a business and trying to extort them for undeserved riches is a tough job. It really makes a union thug tired, you know? So, what to do, what to do? Well, because protesting an employer is such tiring work, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters Union came up with the perfect solution: hire non-union scabs to man the picket lines in D.C.

The Wall Street Journal has the sordid tale:

the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters is seeking paid demonstrators to march and chant in its current picket line outside the McPherson Building, an office complex here where the council says work is being done with nonunion labor.

“For a lot of our members, it’s really difficult to have them come out, either because of parking or something else,” explains Vincente Garcia, a union representative who is supervising the picketing.

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So, while these carpenters make $24 an hour and up — not including benefits — the union is paying their non-union stand-in protesters a whopping $8.25 an hour… oh, and no benefits.

In the real world this is called hypocrisy.

Naturally the union thugs are explaining it all away as perfectly sensible. You see, the non-union, stand-in protesters don’t have to be in the union to help the union protest “union issues.”

After all, would you want actual union members to leave the comfort of their homes, get in their nice automobiles, and drive ALL the way to the protest site so that they can advocate for themselves? You’re kidding right? THAT sounds too much like WORK!

What’s a matta you, anyway?


PS… forgive me if someone here already covered this. This story is a few days old now and someone may have hit it already.

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