Left-Wing Senator Gets WICKED Reply For Her Explanation On Voting NO Against Gorsuch Nomination!

Sen. Kamala Harris, the radical liberal Senator from California, appears to be baffled over what a judge’s duty is.

The progressive senator took to her Twitter account on Friday to inform the nation as to why she would be voting “no” on confirming Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch when the full Senate gets to vote on him later next month.

“Judge Gorsuch has consistently valued legalisms over real lives. I won’t support his nomination,” was the sorry and pathetic excuse Harris tweeted out Friday, linking to an op-ed she wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle explaining her decision.

Contained in the op-ed were the words of a liar: “Judge Gorsuch’s record also shows he’s willing to favor corporations over the American people. He believes companies can impose their religious views on employees and deny women birth-control coverage. And he has been hostile toward federal agencies that protect American workers and consumers.”

However, in the op-ed, Harris not surprisingly didn’t go into any detail on her definition of “legalisms.”

Still, during his hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, Gorsuch justified that his rulings on the Supreme Court would be founded not on his personal feelings or political views, but rather centered right in the Constitution and the law — which means progressives like Harris are going to try everything in their power to keep their perverted government system the way they like it.

Naturally, though, Twitter had it out with Harris’ remarks:

And here’s another one:

And also one more for fun:

The tweets go on and on and on and on…You get the point and see the obvious moral corruption, right?

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