Leftists Force Florida County to Pull Down Confederate Flag–Then Officials Put Up a Different Confederate Flag

As the Confederate flag comes under increasing attack, one Florida county thought it better pull down the flag in the face of liberal critics demanding they do so. But then county officials made a decision that made the liberals go into conniption fits. Officials just put up a different Confederate flag!

Walton County, Florida had been flying its Southern Cross-style Confederate flag over a Confederate monument on the County Courthouse grounds for decades.

But liberals have stepped up their attack on the county for flying the flag they say is “racist.”

So, the county pulled the flag down. However….

Bucking a national trend, a defiant Walton County voted Tuesday after an emotional hearing to replace one Confederate flag with another one at its courthouse in the Florida Panhandle.

Under intense pressure from a deeply divided citizenry, county commissioners agreed to remove the controversial flag with the X-shaped Southern Cross design that has flown at the courthouse in DeFuniak Springs since 1964, the year President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

As that flag heads to a local museum, it will be replaced by the first version of the Confederate flag known as the stars and bars, with 13 stars arranged in a circle next to horizontal red and white bars.

“The soil of Walton County has been enriched with the blood and sweat of the people who came before every one of us, some who fought and died in the war between the states,” said Commissioner Sara Comander, who suggested the switch. “I want to honor all of those who came before us, but I also want to be cognizant of those that the present flag seems to offend.”

Applause broke out after the 4-0 vote as opponents vowed to keep fighting to remove the new flag

The original Southern Cross flag that flew over the CS monument.

But this is the funny thing. The Confederate battle flag of which the Southern Cross is an example, never flew over the government of the Confederate States of America. Yes a portion of the Southern Cross flew in the canton of the second and third national government flags, but the full Southern Cross alone was never a flag that flew over a government that sanctioned slavery.

However, the Stars and Bars (seen at the top of this post) absolutely did fly over a government that sanctioned slavery.

So, these idiot liberals just defeated their own purposes!

Warner Todd Huston

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