Lefty Media Matters Caught Editing Beck Audio Sherrod-Style

You’ve got to hand it to the good folks at Mediaite. These guys are on top of everything in the media world. This time Mediaite has uncovered the fact that Media Matters, the left-biased media slanderers paid for by George Soros, have been caught doing precisely what they claimed that New Media maven Andrew Breitbart did to Shirely Sherrod a few weeks ago. Namely foisted an edited tape on the world in order to slander someone in the public eye. This time, instead of revealing a race worried USDA official, Media Matters is attempting to put false words in the mouths of a pair of side kicks of radio and TV talker Glenn Beck.

Media Matters touted what they felt was a big, big story. They claimed that two of Beck’s sidekicks were falsely claiming that MSNBC host Keith Olbermann was “responsible” for the Manchester shooting. To prove it, Media Matters presented a tape of the two hosts actually saying that Olbermann is responsible for the murders.

The sidekicks are Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere, who co-hosted with Beck out today. And why did Media Matters write this? Well, because that is what Gray and Burguiere said — at first. Gray: “Obviously Keith Olbermann is responsible for those eight people dead.”

Seems like a slam dunk, right? These ignorant right-wing radio guys were blaming Olbermann for murder. Throw the book at them!

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Only, Media Matters somehow, accidentally, merely by complete innocent absent-mindedness, forgot to add the rest of the tape to their “proof” of the righty talker’s apostasy.

It turns out that the two hosts were only talking sarcastically and in the next seconds of the tape admitted that Olbermann had nothing to do with the murders and that they were just trying to use sarcasm to make a point.

Host Burguiere went on to say:

Obviously we’re making a point here. Let’s move that to the case against the tea party members. They’re constantly convinced that the government is after them, that they are going to come take their guns. Well, who is always talking about that? Glenn Beck. So therefore he’s responsible for every time anyone does anything, even, you know, violent.

Oopsie. But we are sure that Media Matters just made a simple mistake…. right?

Media Matters has updated their post to reflect the truth, of course, but doesn’t this all make you wonder just how reliable Media Matters is? And isn’t there just a bit of hypocrisy in a so-called media watchdog that uses exactly the same illicit tactics that they castigate everyone else for using??

Pop on over to Mediaite to hear the tape and get all the details.

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