Liberal Derision Helps Explain Why They Lost

What we’re seeing right now is shades of the 2004 general election aftermath, with the added bonus of lots of violence and property damage, mostly by Democrat voters. And liberals do not seem to get why they’ve been repudiated. Before we get to that, let’s consider

Then we get this from Jill Lawrence at USA Today, whining about blue America not being heard, and something else

Poor, poor pitiful flyover country. Never getting the attention or respect or economic consideration it deserves. Never having a president to call its own.

Very unfair!

Right there, you can feel the derision and condescension from Ms. Lawrence, as typified within the Democratic Party base. Already, Democrats have trotted out the dusty 2004 memes of “Dumbfuckistan”, “Jesusland”, and flyover country, that being the nicest. But, it still shows that uber-leftist sneering at people who do not live in the big cities, who live in the suburbs, farming country, and so on. Do you vote for a party that denigrates you and de-values you?

As for having a say, Republicans are now completely in charge — governors and legislatures — in 24 states, up from 20 before the election. They have partial control in many more. These states are in flyover country, in the South, even in New England. If that’s not getting your voice heard, what is?

That’s what happens when you not only revile people as being part of flyover country, but, treat interest groups (blacks, white working class, latinos, etc) as yours, but don’t put the work in.

It’s also a fact that the economy has greatly improved on Obama’s watch, but obviously there are areas that are left behind. Rust Belt voters in particular placed their bets on Trump. This is ironic given that Obama saved their auto industry while most Republicans opposed the bailout and Trump himself was both for it and against it.

The economy may have gotten a bit better post-recession, but, it has tended to be better for those who are rich in the Obama economy. Those same auto industries have seen manufacturing continue to move to Canada and Mexico (while foreign auto makers, not part of the bailout for the most part, have settled in “flyover” country). Rust belt voters apparently think different from the hoity toity Ms. Lawrence.

Give Obama credit where credit is due: he’s a Tier One campaigner, one of the best of all time. He made people feel special and engaged them. He went to the counties and cities. He talked to them. Yet, that did not translate to down-ballot races, partly because Dems didn’t seem to like many of the people who they expected to vote for them. Do not expect this to get better anytime soon, as Dems trot out their continued hatred for flyover country, along with calling all the Trump voters racists, sexists, xenophobes, and so forth.

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