Liberal Teachers Upset Their Union Endorsed Hillary Without Asking Membership–They Want Socialist Sanders

Liberal teachers all across the country are upset at their union for coming out with an endorsement for Hillary for the Democrat primary. They are mad both at the choice of Hillary and at the fact that this endorsement is way too early in the primary process.

Many teachers are upset that the union made this endorsement without really working too hard to poll the membership to see who they would support. The union only polled something like .04 percent of the membership.

But another one of the things many of these teachers are saying should shock and worry us all. While we can agree that the union didn’t do a good job polling the members before making the endorsement, many teachers are saying they prefer socialist Bernie Sanders!

That’s right the people teaching our kids want a socialist for president!

For a union built on democracy, activist teachers are wondering how the American Federation of Teachers could have possibly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president without them knowing about it.

Candi Peterson, Washington (D.C.) Teachers’ Union, penned an article at Common Dreams in which several die-hard union activists appeared to be utterly befuddled by the national union’s sudden announcement.

Chicago activist Katie Osgood says, “I know many AFT members too and have not heard one person polled either.” The union claimed it polled members on their opinions.

According to the calculation of “Mr. Stevens,” only .04 percent of members were surveyed.

…The union’s move comes as Sanders is surging in the polls in key states and drawing huge crowds.

The AFT’s national endorsement is also likely a plan to negate any local teachers union endorsements.

The union of Sanders’ home state — an affiliate of the larger National Education Association — has already endorsed the Vermont senator.

“We are not used to getting involved in presidential primaries particularly early,” Vermont-NEA spokesman Darren Allen tells the Burlington Free Press.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise that this union is heartily behind Bernie’s message.”

“We’ve never had Bernie running for president,” adds Martha Allen, state union president.

It should worry us that the people teaching our kids are backing a socialist.

Warner Todd Huston

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