Liberal Website Wants ‘Teabaggers’ to ‘Die’

The profane, but popular lefty site named “Wonkette” decided that it wants conservatives to die. Either that or it wants homosexuals that indulge a certain sexual practice to die, it’s a bit hard to tell.

In a post outrageously headlined “Teabaggers To Feign Death In Senate Offices, Because Of Whatever,” the Wonkette crew snarks that “teabaggers” will appear in the Senate and will “pretend to die, because they’re pussies, and won’t die for real.”

Now, there is a bit of confusion here, as you can readily see. None who are going to the Senate to protest the anti-American Obamacare policies that the Senate is trying to push through are “teabaggers.” They may be Tea Party goers, Tea Partiers, or Tea Partyists, but none of them are “teabaggers.” As many of you already know, a “teabagger” is someone that indulges in some crazy homosexual sex practice. Most assuredly no one going to D.C. for this protest will be under any apprehension that they will be doing so to highlight any aberrant sexual practice. Maybe an aberrant taxing practice, but not any aberrant sex practice.

So, we have that whole confusing terminology thing going on here.

Then we have the issue of wanting your political opponents to die and everything. That in itself seems a tad un-American, wouldn’t you say? I mean, aren’t we usually told that wanting people to die just because they disagree with you is a tad outside the bounds of civil discourse? I thought the left was always pleading for more civility? Further, I thought they always considered themselves the better, more civil side of the debate?

Have they misled themselves all this time?

So, it’s hard to decide what the uncivil, louts of Wonkette are against here. Are they against the gays or are they wanting to kill people just for disagreeing with them? Maybe it’s both?

It does highlight an interesting situation, though. Since we know that these sort of intemperate, half informed, distempered, half-wits are of the red stripe ideologically, and since we must take for granted that they loves them “teh gays” we are forced to conclude that the creeps at Wonkette want people to die simply because they have a few different ideas.

If that is the case, then what else can we say to leftists? If they simply want you dead, there is certainly no debating like grown-ups with that sort of attitude, is there? But it does pull into stark focus the lie that is leftism. All its basic assumptions prove to be lies with things like this profane Wonkette nonsense. From it we learn the following lessons:

  • Liberals are filled with irrational hatred
  • Liberals are violent
  • Liberals lie to themselves more than they do to others
  • Liberals are not interested in educated discourse
  • Liberals cannot control their emotions
  • Liberals drown in their own bile

Of course, these are lessons that no one needed any help learning. All one ever needed to do was just look at their behavior from FDR to Obama to see the constant hatred that they spew out. Sadly it’s a flow of acid that is always, always directed at America instead of its enemies.

So, yes, this profane Wonkette piece is quite revealing, wholly typical of the left, and a sad commentary on the mental disorder they call a political ideology. It’s always shocking to see what lies behind the liberal veneer, isn’t it?

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