Liberals Being Very Un-Liberal On The Voting Rights Act

The very un-liberal attitude American liberals are taking over the Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act is downright perplexing. To hear some on the Left tell it, you would think that the United States Supreme Court just declared the Emancipation Proclamation to be unconstitutional, and re-instituted slavery in America.

But all of the blustering over the Voting Rights Act is massively overblown. In fact, most of the Act is still in effect. The Supreme Court didn’t even really strike down anything in the law; all they did is say that one section of the Act needs to be updated, because it is out of date. Sounds like a declaration of modern apartheid to me.

The Voting Rights Act was implemented back in the 1960s to fight segregation and voter discrimination. The Act has been extended several times over the years, but, interestingly enough, has never been updated to keep with our modern times. One of the provisions of the Voting Rights Act involved federal monitoring of state election laws – something that has already proved to be a stumbling block to some Southern states’ attempts to bring legitimacy to their elections processes through voter ID laws, which were blocked by the federal government.

Perhaps this is the real reason why the Left is in such angst. The Democratic (or, more aptly, the anti-democratic) party has been fighting all efforts to bring some level of accountability to our elections process for some time – and considering that there are still many unexplainable circumstances left over from the 2012 presidential election on top of the numerous voter fraud charges that have been brought against Democratic operatives, I think it is quite clear why the Democrats are so out of sorts about the fact that they may soon have less control over state election laws.

The sub-text of this debate, of course, is that the American Left doesn’t seem to think that the United States has made any progress on race relations in the last 50 years. While there is little doubt that some racism still exists in America, our nation has made significant growth over the past five decades – much more than the Left will ever give our nation credit for. The very idea that we should not update the Voting Rights Act just provides further proof that forces within the Democratic Party have a vested interest in ensuring that the American election system remains open to fraud and corruption.

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