Lifelong Democrat Charles Barkley Now Considering… Voting for John Kasich?! [Video]

Lifelong Democrat Charles Barkley Now Considering… Voting for John Kasich?! [Video]

Kasich? Really? This is how desperate Democrats have become. But never fear, Biden and Warren are about to ride to the rescue I understand. Geez. What a clown circus. Meanwhile, in the Republican camp, two gladiators are fighting off their own. Trump and Cruz stand alone in the arena asking, “Americans, are you not entertained?” It’s a political battle to the death with nothing less at stake than the Republic itself. Jeb Bush is giving it a thumb’s down… but that won’t stop the conservatives. Don’t you know when you repress warriors, they fight back even harder? Uh, Kasich wouldn’t even come close. He’s a meh candidate. I consider Kasich a Progressive on the right. No thanks. But I can see how he would appeal to a Democrat like Barkley who just can’t bear to cast their vote for the Marxist losers of the Democratic Party. The Dem candidates make Kasich look positively presidential.



From Louder with Crowder:

Charles Barkley has always been outspoken as a ball player, and even most recently getting involved (and angering people) with current events. So it’s no shock that this life long Democrat is considering voting for a Republican, even if that Republican is John Kasich. I mean, have you seen what’s running for President on the Democrat side?

Side note: John Kasich? LOL.

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What’s important is when you hear his reasoning as to why he’s considering Kasich, because I’m sure he speaks for many…

Two things. First, his thoughts on Democrats…

“Well, you know, she just doesn’t have the “it” factor…I don’t like using the term “Republican” or “Democrat” or “conservative” or “liberal.” I want somebody who is going to inspire me to want to go out and campaign for them, talk to my friends about them. But right now, I’m not getting that from the Democratic Party.”

Now, the opening for Republicans…

“He talked about young black kids and giving them an opportunity. His idea of being a conservative is being inclusive. Most of the quote-unquote conservatives have attack and blame. It’s already somebody else’s fault why people aren’t doing better…The black and Hispanic votes are very powerful. And we have to band together with the candidates and come up with answers on how to bring more economic opportunities to the blacks in the ghetto, to the Hispanics in certain neighborhoods.”

Sure, he’s completely wrong with his criticisms of Republicans with the “divide and conquer” comment. I think he misspoke and meant to say “Democrats.” That aside, there’s real opportunity here. I would just point out that Rand Paul, Rick Perry, and Marco Rubio at the very least all would fall under his qualifications. Also, pretty much any candidate less white than John Kasich… which is everyone ever.

But seriously Sir Charles. John Kasich? I don’t begrudge you at all, but I don’t even have a chip in my brain to process that statement.

Typical Democrat on criticizing the Republicans – he gets it exactly wrong. Crowder is right, “divide and conquer” is far more applicable to Democrats. If Barkley is interested in true opportunities for black kids, he really should take another look at Trump or Cruz who will create those jobs and opportunities. Immigration is simple – come here legally and we welcome you with open arms. Otherwise, you’re outta here. Still can’t get over his choice of Kasich. He has zero possibility of getting nominated. Barkley is one of only a few that see him as viable. Charles – come into the light and vote for a real conservative that is interested in helping all Americans.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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