All Living Presidents Were Invited to Trump’s Inauguration… One Just Said Yes!

All Living Presidents Were Invited to Trump’s Inauguration… One Just Said Yes!

Earlier last week, reports came out that former Presidents were snubbing our incoming President-elect and it all but lit a fire under the American people who support the 45th President.


However, now we have some news that will help to put out that fire.

President George W. Bush, who is beloved by many patriots of this nation, just announced Tuesday that he will in fact be attending the ceremony to see Donald Trump sworn in as the next President of the Unite States of America later this month.

As many know, but few may not… President George W. Bush refused to support the incoming Republican leader Donald Trump while the general election was going on. It was during this election period that many people believed that President George W. Bush and his influence could have a pretty large impact on Donald Trump and the amount of support he would get.

However, that’s water under the bridge now as Donald Trump has won the election despite all of that and is well on his way to working with the American people to make this nation GREAT again.

According to a statement, George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, actually do look forward to being witnesses to a “peaceful transfer of power” during the inaugural ceremonies on Jan 20. Jimmy Carter backed Hillary Clinton’s campaign through the election and he was the only former president who agreed to attend the upcoming inauguration, until this announcement.

However… surprise, surprise… former President, Bill Clinton has yet to RSVP to the historic event. As well as George H.W. Bush, however most believe if he is not in attendance, it will most likely be due to his health issues.

Bush and his wife may have declined to vote for Trump or Clinton in the 2016 election, but a spokesman for the couple has since confirmed that they each did in fact vote “none of the above” for president and for Republicans on the rest of the ballot.

It leads one to believe that with their change of heart…maybe, just maybe they have realized through the work that Trump has already put forth into making this country better…that he’s not such a bad pick after all.

It could happen, right?


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