Lost In The Shuffle, GOP Could Make Big Gains In State Legislatures

This MSNBC/AP article focuses on the consequences of GOP state control vis a vis the upcoming redistricting, which could turn nasty, particularly with several states, including New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and several other Northern states, losing Congressional House seats, moved to mostly Southern states. Lost in the redistricting shuffle (which all of a sudden has become very important to liberal media sources) is what is going on in the State government races

The Republicans’ expected gains next week go way beyond Congress. The GOP could capture new Senate or House majorities in a dozen to 18 states – along with critical new power to redraw district maps and influence elections for a decade to come.

Three of the biggest prizes are New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. All three states are expected to lose seats in Congress as a result of the 2010 census, and that’s sure to ignite boundary fights. A party’s congressman on the wrong end of redistricting can find the district he’s represented for years no longer exists.

Democrats could make a few gains, as well, but, right now they control 26 of 57 58 50 state legislatures, and will see that dwindle, which would give Republicans a big power, the power to create the new House districts. For Pennsylvania, I suggest that one of them stretches from Philly to Pittsburg, right along I-76, and only as wide as 76 between the two heavily Dem dependent cities. In NY, there could be a few that totally isolate NYC and Long Island, minimizing Democrat strongholds. NJ, isolate the northern area around Newark, along with Trenton. The rest of the state tends to be very blue-ish purple. In Michigan…..well, does anyone live there anymore, considering what Democrat policies have done to the state?

While legislatures draw the lines for U.S. House and state legislative seats in most states, governors in about three dozen states can veto redistricting plans. Some states use independent commissions to draw the lines.

The story doesn’t really discuss the Governor races, so, let’s head elsewhere

Currently, Democrats hold 26 of the 50 state houses, but that majority is all but certain to vanish next week. Republicans should gain six new governorships at least, and as many as 10 if various close races go their way.

Making big gains in the State legislatures and governorships could make a big difference in America politics and life beyond redistricting. Look at what is going on in New Jersey, with Chris Christie. More states that would fight ObamaCare, more that would fight against cap and tax, more that would fight for fiscal responsibility, etc and so on. So, don’t forget to get out there and vote!

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