Loud Mouthed, Hatemongering, Violent Teachers Shut Down Townhall Meeting

Is this the distempered, hatemongering that our “teachers” are teaching our children?

The video below is the last seven minutes of a townhall meeting that was held on March 7 in Wisconsin. It was hosted by Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R, WI) and State Senator Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa). The video shows that the pols quietly listened to the whiner teacher issue her lies about what the situation is in the state but when State Sen. Vukmir went to the podium to try and respond, the crowd filled with distempered union thugs erupted and would not let her finish her points.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but when scenes like this were reported to the nation back in 2009 when Tea Party members were interrupting townhalls because they were so upset at Democrat lawmakers, why, the Democrats and their handmaidens in the Old Media establishment were filled with dire warnings that the uproars were evidence of the end of our polite political discourse was nigh.

So, where are the scolds in the Old Media and the Democrat Party to tsk tsk these union thugs for being so uncivilized that they forced this townhall to be shut down?

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It just goes to prove once again that the vaunted “New Tone” that the left keeps rambling abut is supposed only to be applied to the right. Only the right should quietly acquiesce to Democrat imposed “civility.” Only the right should sit back and accept that “elections mean things.” When it is the left that is upset, then shouting down opponents, calling them Hitler, and running off to a neighboring state so that the democratic process is shut down is the way to go. All perfectly acceptable, right?

To be a leftist means to be a hypocrite.

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