Louise Slaughter: Slaughtering The Will Of The People

Glenn Reynolds wrote of the consent of the governed the other day; that was before Louise Slaughter’s evil genius plan to get health care passed.

It’s government gone wild! Steve Schippert of Threats Watch fumes:

House Rules Chairwoman Louise Slaughter says she is “prepping to help usher the healthcare overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote on the Senate overhaul bill.” She continued, explaining how House passage of a separate bill containing “changes” to the Senate version would lead House leadership to “deem” the actual Senate HealthCare Bill passed – without a direct vote.

This is not simply tyrannical in nature, it is absolute political cowardice.

Whether any American likes or dislikes any bill – any bill – none of us are governed under a Constitution nor any Congress within a Constitution that affords for an individual in an elected body to “deem” anything. We elected you, for better or worse, to vote on legislation, whether we like the specific outcome or not. There is a process within both the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

The notion of anyone “deeming” anything “passed” without going through the actual voting process of real passage is the kind of governance seen in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or Bashar Assad’s Syria or Castro’s Cuba.

Few things in this lifetime have inspired such furious rage as this brazen attempt to undermine the legislative process as set forth within the Constitution of the United States.

William Jacobson is grateful for Scott Brown because we can still fight. And that’s true. I’ve felt that this bill will pass.

And I still believe this bill will pass.

What the Democrats are having to do, though, to get this beast passed? The Dems who will lose their jobs are currently being bought off, one at a time. There are lobbying jobs and plum posts being given as we speak.

The only way it won’t pass is if some Democrats stick to principles. See why I’m pessimistic?

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