Maine Rejects Gay Marriage

The news for Republicans and conservatives was pretty good with most of the elections yesterday with a landslide for the Virginia GOP and a great win in New Jersey. Conservatives and Republicans did well in other parts of the country, too. One of those other areas was in Maine where the voters rejected a gay marriage proposal.

Voters in Maine repealed a state law that allowed gay marriage, becoming the 31st state to reject gay marriage via popular vote.

As of USA Today’s report, with 87% of the votes tabulated, the opponents of gay marriage had 53% of the vote.

Nearly every state that puts this issue up to the voters finds the majority opposing gay marriage. In Maine’s case, the law was put in place by the state legislature and Tuesday’s vote was the first time the voters got a chance to put in their say on the matter.

Gay marriage is a loser when the people are allowed to speak. The only way that gay marriage supporters seem to be able to win the day is if they get activist judges that force the matter or state legislatures that create gay marriage by legislative fiat as opposed to being based on the will of the voters.

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