MAJOR FIRING at DNC – Heads Are About to Roll

MAJOR FIRING at DNC – Heads Are About to Roll

Democrats have been floundering ever since they got trounced at the polls in November. Leadership at the Democratic National Committee changed, with Tom Perez taking the lead as chairman. And one of his first acts was to hand nearly everyone notice that they were being fired.

Perez fired the entire DNC staff in an effort to regain momentum after the party’s painful losses last year. Staff expected to see such firings, with warnings being given earlier this year. Democrats lost not only the presidency, but both houses of Congress and numerous governorships.

The first round of firings took place in November, with layoffs leaving the DNC at an unusual low. But Perez has now finished the job, with mass resignation letters being sent out. This move will allow Perez to completely remake the DNC, with staffers he can choose for himself.

Interestingly, the media is framing Perez’ decision as one of necessity. But when Attorney General Jeff Sessions did the same thing, his firings were slammed. Yet Sessions’ decision was completely routine; it’s common for cabinet heads to get rid of staffers from the previous administration. The difference between Sessions and Perez is quite small: political party.

Perez is a Democrat. Sessions is a Republican. Therefore, what Perez did was acceptable, while Sessions’ move was corrupt and unethical. Which is it, media?

It will be interesting to see if Perez’ decision to fire the entire DNC staff will resurrect the party and make them viable again in 2018. But unless the party learns from its 2016 mistakes — making abortion as the party’s sacred cow, elevating corrupt politicians as their leaders, insulting Americans who live in Middle America — then it’s not likely that anything will change for them.

Do you think the mass firing will make a difference for 2018?

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