Massive Rally Against ObamaCare in St. Louis

Indicating how little Americans appreciate Obama’s ham-fisted attempt to take over the healthcare industry, a Kill the Bill rally in St. Louis yesterday, expected to draw 600 protesters due to the heavy interest, instead drew well over 2,000.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Democrats scuttled for cover and watched from the safety of their crevices. Instapundit reports:

UH OH: Some Democrats shun Obama event in St. Louis. “The Show Me State briefly became the No Show State on Wednesday as some prominent Missouri Democrats decided they’d rather be somewhere else when President Obama came to St. Louis to push his massive health care overhaul plan.” Probably just scared of the St. Louis Tea Party juggernaut.

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Via Keyboard Militia, this is what the streets of St. Louis looked like:


A little friendly advice for our Democrat rulers: You’re about as popular as Louis XVI circa 1793 and sinking fast. This is not the time to try an intolerably arrogant seizure of one sixth of the economy.

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