Max Baucus Uses His Position To Take Care Of His Girlfriend: Will The Left Remain Silent?

Just substitute, say, Senator Coburn [I picked Coburn because he has been a strong voice on health care] for Senator Baucus:

In nominating his girlfriend for the job of U.S. attorney, Montana Sen. Max Baucus didn’t disclose the relationship to the White House, Montana’s other senator or a local attorney tapped to review potential candidates, several people involved in the process said Sunday.

Dana Christensen, a Montana lawyer who reviewed Mr. Baucus’s recommendations for the post, said in an interview Sunday that he didn’t know that one of the six applicants, Melodee Hanes, had a personal relationship with Mr. Baucus, a Democrat.

“I’ve known Max a long time. I’ve known Mel Hanes a long time. But I did not know that they had a relationship,” Mr. Christensen said in a telephone interview.

Imagine this story:

So it’s going to be fascinating to see how the press corps and political class react to the news that Montana Senator Max Baucus recommended a staff member who was his girlfriend for the plum job of U.S. Attorney. Mr. Baucus disclosed the attempted sweetheart deal early Saturday after media inquiries made clear the story was breaking. The 67-year-old Senator disclosed that he had recommended Melodee Hanes and two others earlier this year for the U.S. Attorney post in Montana. While Presidents appoint U.S. attorneys, by tradition home-state Senators have significant influence in the selection, especially Senators from the same party as the President

Yeah. If Max Baucus were a Republican, he’d be forced out of office by now. It’s not the hypocrisy of the politician–it’s operating as usual for a Democrat to use his power and influence to get his mistress a job.

What is hypocritical is the way the press turns a blind eye to inconvenient information. The press might as well be the Democrat PR machine if they won’t report the truth.

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