Maxine Waters Continues to Push Impeachment: ‘I Don’t Care What Others Say’ [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters Continues to Push Impeachment: ‘I Don’t Care What Others Say’ [VIDEO]

The world is going wonky and the people in it are not much better. Especially if you’re looking at the Democratic Party of the United States of America. More specifically, Maxine Waters.

She’s dedicated to banging the impeachment drum until she can no longer do so and doesn’t “care what others say.” Basically, she’s going to be crazy and doesn’t care if people know she’s crazy. Thank you for that, it makes our job as conservatives so much easier.

In an appearance on AM Joy on MSNBC, Representative Maxine Waters dedicated herself to a continued call for impeachment (based on absolutely nothing or it would have been done by now.)

Host Joy-Ann Reid called Waters a “resistance hero.”

Remember when heroes actually put something on the line to stand up for what they believed in? Be it their life, their reputation, etc. These days “heroes” issue a couple of tweets from the comfort of their McMansions located somewhere far enough from their district that they don’t have to rub elbows with their constituents.

Watch the video below:

“I believe this President should be impeached, I don’t care what others say.”

Well, let me explain to you what the law says, Peaches. Impeachment is “a charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office,” such as Bill Clinton’s affair and perjury.

I assure you that if there was even a whiff of an impeachable offense against Donald Trump, the media would have run with it. Even they aren’t beating the impeachment drum with the vigor of Maxine Waters or Nancy Pelosi.

There is absolutely no way that he’s going to be impeached unless something absolutely horrendous comes out about his behavior. With a Republican Congress, it’s extremely unlikely that anything short of a Lewinsky-sized scandal will nail him to the wall.

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