Maxine Waters, Gary Peters Are Casualties of Art Insurrection

The street art insurrection against our liberal overlords continues:

Maxine Waters is a “Poverty Pimp” with dollar signs in her eyes, say street artists based in Los Angeles.

“Niggas better have my money!” says the background of the anti-Maxine Waters posters that began appearing around Inglewood and tony Hancock Park.

Waters lives outside of the district she represents–in a mansion in Hancock Park.

Hats off to the artists:


Click pics for full size.

It looks like the work of Sabo, but…

It wasn’t produced by the artist known as Sabo but by an independent anonymous art collective.

The group promises more art hitting in swing states over the next few days.

Someone has been making good on the promise. Far away from Los Angeles:

Mysterious L.A.-style art activism popped up in Lansing, Mich. [Friday], raising suspicions that not only do mild-mannered conservatives “get” the culture, but they’re suddenly a little more daring in their activism. I understand that the individuals involved spent less than $50 and a only a few hours of time to achieve this protest against Democrat [Congresscritter] Gary Peters.

Not bad:

Detroit was hit the next day:

With luck this will go nationwide faster than Ebola will.

On tips from Bill T and JusttheTipHQ. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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