Maxine Waters Latest To Admit There’s No Evidence Of Collusion

Maxine Waters Latest To Admit There’s No Evidence Of Collusion

This won’t stop Crazy Maxine from pushing her conspiracy theories and demanding impeachment. I think there’s a bylaw in the Democratic Party membership rules that requires at least one screwball being extremely vocal among its elected officials (via Twitchy)

It looked like this

After all this time, when pressed, no Democrat can actually provide proof. I know liberals like to think they’re connecting the dots, but, there’s nothing

(CNS News) During an interview about the firing of FBI Director James Comey, Senator Ran Paul (R-Ky.) said there is “no evidence” the Trump cmpaign colluded with the Russians, no accusation of any crime involved, and that the story is “built upon a huge myth.”

“It’s sour grapes over the election,” said Paul on Fox & Friends on Wednesday.  “The whole Russia thing I think has been propagated by people who are upset they lost the election. … I don’t think there’s been any facts presented that anybody broke the law.”

Senator Paul replied, “Not only is there no evidence that the Trump administration or campaign was connected to Russia or committed any crime — no evidence at all of committing a crime – there’s not even an accusation that I know of, of what crime would potentially be committed.”

We’ve had such Democratic party luminaries such as Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff, and many others say that they have yet to see any evidence. Nor can they say what law would have been broken. And both Sally Yates and James Clapper reaffirmed that there is no evidence the other day when testifying before Congress.

Look, we know you Liberals are upset that Hillary lost. Perhaps you should aim your ire her way for such a poor campaign, for failing to visit many states like Wisconsin, for passing out on 9/11, and for setting up an illegal homebrew server which passed national security material illegally. On that last, Washington insiders may think that was no big deal, but, the American citizens know they would have been thrown in jail if they did a quarter what Hillary did.

But, it’s time to move on, Liberals. You’re in the realm of the Obama birth certificate conspiracy at this point.

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