McConnell Forces Dems To Admit Administration Is Not Serious

A little tidbit found in through National Review from The Hill yesterday

In the nearly two-hour-long White House meeting Monday afternoon during which leaders reviewed savings found last month by a group led by Vice President Joseph Biden, McConnell asked only one question, according to a Republican source familiar with the talks.

“How much does the Biden plan actually cut from next year’s discretionary spending budget?” the Kentucky Republican asked the room.

Obama’s Office of Management and Budget Director Jacob Lew told him, “$2 billion.”

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A second source close to the original Biden group confirmed this number.

McConnell grew frustrated in the closed-door meeting, complaining that such a sum was too small, given the scale of the savings Members on both sides of the aisle were hoping for. McConnell’s displeasure spilled over to the Senate floor Tuesday morning, when he attacked Obama for presenting Republicans with “gimmicks” instead of solutions.

Don’t get all confused as Ace originally was: that is “billion”, not “trillion”. This highlights just how serious the Obama administration is about reducing federal expenditures. Perhaps all the squishy Republicans who say “hey, maybe we should give in a bit on tax increases (for that other group), because Barry said we’d get $3 in reductions for every $1 revenue increase” should think hard about $2 billion, and realize that if they give in on any tax increases now for reductions later, we’ll never get those reductions.

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