Mega Media Spin: DOJ Ask SCOTUS To Deem Arizona Law About Illegals Employers Mean

If you ever had to wonder about the liberal media’s agenda, the spin on this story should lay it to rest. Starting out with the AP article linked to by NPR

The Obama administration on Friday urged the Supreme Court to prevent Arizona from enforcing a law that punishes businesses that employ illegal immigrants, arguing that federal immigration law trumps state efforts.

The administration’s views, contained in a new filing at the high court, are similar to concerns President Obama has expressed about a new Arizona law that cracks down on illegal immigrants.

When it takes effect July 29, the new law will require police enforcing any other law to examine immigration status if there is reasonable suspicion a person is in the country illegally.

Wait, how does the first paragraph jibe with the second and third? It’s almost as if they were stuck in there due to bias. They serve no other purpose, when

In asking the Supreme Court to take the employer sanctions case, the Obama administration said federal immigration law expressly pre-empts any state law imposing sanctions on employers hiring illegal immigrants. The administration added that if Arizona businesses knowingly use illegal immigrants, the businesses can have any of their state licenses suspended or revoked.

The Arizona Republic, another left leaning rag, spends some time at first discussing the actual law that Barry and Co. want struck down, and almost hits the mark with an important date, 2007, before going off on a tangent, namely, SB 1070, the one recently passed which made being an illegal in Arizona a criminal violation. They, like the AP, leave out some vital information.

At the Washington Post, Ezra Klein’s Wonkbook, which is “Everything you need to know about economic and domestic policy (and some stuff you don’t)”, apparently thinks there is some stuff about the asked challenge to the illegals employer law that you don’t need to know. Like, context, facts, who the heck signed it, when it was signed, and when it went into effect.

Many others take the same position. Unfortunately, it is a load of mule fritters, and, surprisingly, the Politico gets it right

The Justice Department is asking the Supreme Court to strike down a state immigration-enforcement law Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano signed as governor of Arizona.

In a filing Friday afternoon, Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal asked the court to hear a challenge brought by employers and immigrant-rights groups to the employer-sanctions statute Napolitano signed in 2007.

Well, this must make for some awkward meetings when Janet Incompetano is present.

Kinda funny, though, since, yet again, the Obama admin is siding with the businesses over the people. Must make you liberals feel really great about him siding with “Wall Street” over Main St. Interestingly, the law seemed to work. Fox News, USA Today, The Houston Chronicle, and so many others, pointed out that prior to, and after, the implementation of the employer law, illegals where saying “véale más adelante, dudes!” In other words, the law worked in reducing the number of illegals in Arizona. Let’s do the same at the federal level, what say?

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