Michelle O: Hey, Reach Out To Those Knuckleheads In Your Life, Get Them To Vote

Perhaps she should reach out to the knuckleheads who failed to follow what was going on in Libya, a country that was recently under air attack by the US military. Perhaps she should reach out to the knuckleheads who failed to bother with any security briefings and conversations with their national security team before jetting off to a campaign stop in Las Vegas the day after the US ambassador to Libya was attacked, sodomized, and killed. Perhaps she should talk to the knuckleheads who’ve failed to get our economy moving

(Politico) Speaking in Delaware, Ohio, the first lady encouraged people to cast their net wide when it comes to reminding potential supporters to vote.

“Talk to everyone you know — your friends, your neighbors, that cousin you haven’t seen in a while, that student sitting next to you in class. You know he’s kind of a knucklehead,” the first lady said. “You know the one.”

“Tap him on the shoulder. Be nice. Don’t call him a knucklehead. Not to his face. You just want to encourage him to get to the polls,” Obama said. “But tell him what’s at stake.”

And there’s your First Lady, folks. Oh-so-civil. She’s apparently been hanging out with Joe Biden too much as of late, possibly while Joe was benched after all his gaffes and absurdities on the campaign trail. And, if you don’t vote Obama back in, she probably won’t be proud of America anymore.

Simply amazing. Team Obama complains about Romney’s “47%” remark, yet, here’s the FLOTUS calling Americans knuckleheads, showing their scorn for people who refuse to vote for her husband, a complete SCOAMF.

I think we know what is at stake, the very soul of America. And she’s calling people knuckleheads. Because they haven’t gone to the polls, or because they aren’t voting for a President that makes Jimmy Carter look better.

“I want you to get everyone you know to vote by mail or vote early in person…”

Unless they’re in the military, then Team Obama and Democrats want to do all they can to make sure their votes aren’t counted.

Expect Liberals to that mentioning what Michelle said to be “racist”. Just like running an ad with the “Obama phone” lady is now considered racist.

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