Michelle Obama’s secret annual Aspen ski trip exposed after her motorcade was permitted to sneak around a car accident

Can’t have royalty wait for an accident to be cleared like the riff raff have to, can we? This whole freaking family is out of touch in the extreme with everyone but their sorry selves. Notice how the Obamas don’t vacation together much? Obama was off playing three days of golf, over Valentine’s Day no less. He golfed while 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians lost their heads on the sands of Tripoli. Mooch and offspring skied while 2 where shot and killed in Copenhagen by those radical Muslims they just can’t bring themselves to name. But I’ll bet the slopes were killer.

Hitting the slopes: Michelle Obama, pictured skiing in Aspen in 2014, returned to the same slopes this weekend for a brief ski trip with her daughters. It is the fourth consecutive year she has visited the area.

From the Daily Mail:

While President Obama flew to California for a few rounds of golf this weekend, his wife and daughters headed to Aspen for a secret trip – but it didn’t stay secret for long.

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The trio arrived in Colorado on Friday and would’ve stayed under the radar had it not been for a car crash and some eagle-eyed Instagrammers.

A police report from Sunday revealed that a motorcade carrying Michelle Obama and her girls was forced to stop when it came across a two car collision, the Aspen Daily News reported.

One driver, who was from South Africa, had mistakenly driven in the wrong lane and a second driver, who was blinded by sunshine, was unable to avoid him, according to the report.

They hit head-on at 30 mph just before 8am, but both drivers walked away without injuries.

The road was closed for around 40 minutes – but not for the Obamas.

The presidential motorcade arrived at the scene and authorities let them ‘sneak through while they waited on tow trucks,’ said Police Chief Brian Olson.

Pitkin County Sheriff’s deputy Jesse Steindler told the paper that the rest of the trip went smoothly for the Obamas, who were joined by the Secret Service and a handful of local deputies.

‘It was very uneventful,’ Steindler said. ‘It was very easy duty.’

Mrs Obama and her daughters Malia and Sasha, who have spent the three previous Presidents’ Day weekends in Aspen, skied at Buttermilk on Saturday, he added.

He would not say where they stayed but in the past, they have spent the weekend at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, who own the Aspen Skiing Co.

The First Family were photographed after landing on Friday by Instagrammers, who shared images of her Air Force jet after it parked on the tarmac.

‘As we were departing Aspen Michelle Obama and the girls were coming in to ski the weekend for President’s Day,’ one Instagram user, Keith Crews, wrote.

‘Hoping to catch a lift home with #FLOTUS – but she’s not answering my text,’ another, Ken Fulk, wrote alongside a picture of the plane on Monday afternoon.

I’ve been to Aspen. The last thing I would want to see there is Mooch and family. What a downer. A Marxist living the elite life while those who work for a living enjoy a brief respite. But I’m sure she had lots of slaves, er people, waiting on her and the girls hand and foot. These trips are massively expensive, but the Obama’s spare no expense… on themselves that is. She probably has a whole slope to herself. Anything else would be beneath her and relegated to the commoners. Yep, it was a very uneventful weekend unless of course you looked at the news.

Together: Mrs Obama, pictured outside the White House in December visited Aspen with her daughters Malia, center, and Sasha, right, for Presidents Day weekend.

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