Michigan Democrats Told Their Fake Tea Party Is Illegal

The Michigan Supreme Court has made the final decision eliminating the fraudulent “Tea Party” Party from the 2010 elections.

Two of Michigan’s Democrat appointed justices joined its small three Republican appointed contingent to declare the so-called “Tea Party” Party ineligible for the ballot.

For months various Democrats and union members have been trying to create a new political party in Michigan misleadingly named the “Tea Party” Party. 23 candidates had been slated from this Democrat dirty trick effort in order to confuse voters into imagining that they are voting for candidates that actually support Tea Party movement ideals.

The scandal has caused at least one Democrat to be thrown out of his party position and has now been unmasked as a fraud by the courts.

No actual Tea Party groups in Michigan had any connection with the effort and all had no idea who was running the fake Tea Party campaign.

Some of the supposed candidates for this fake “Tea Party” group were not told they were candidates, at least one has never registered to vote in Michigan, and another has lived out of state for years and was also not aware he was being offered as a candidate for office.

This was nothing but an illicit Democrat dirty trick effort meant to destroy the integrity of the elections. The leader of the Democrat Party in Michigan claims he knew nothing about this dirty trick campaign but since some of his minions ere involved in planning this fake Tea Party thing I’d say anyone that believes that no one in the Democrat Party was behind this vote fraud is rather foolish to believe so.

In any case, it is over. The fake Tea Party is done.

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