Michigan Firemen Setting Fires Over Union Anger

Why was this story not national news? Outrageously, firemen in Flint, Mich. went about the city setting fires instead of putting them out last month and all because their union wasn’t happy with job layoffs. In a vain attempt to stop the layoffs, these union criminals went around setting fires to try and scare Flint’s residents in order to goad them to tell city officials to rescind the layoffs.

Imagine the breach of trust that this represents between firemen and the citizenry? What next, will Flint policemen commit murders and armed robberies in like manner to the criminal activities of the union inflamed foremen of the city?

Is this where unions have taken the safety of our cities?

Naturally these union thugs deny their hand in these fires, but there is little doubt in anyone’s minds that union firemen set these fires in anger over the layoffs. The Public Safety Director issued calls for Flint’s citizens to come to a heightened sense of awareness of these arsonists.

“The point here is that this is a series of coordinated criminal attacks that are designed to scare the residents of this city,” said Walling, saying the arsonists are seeking a “perverted political purpose” by setting them.

Thanks to unions we can no longer trust that our nation’s firemen are really there to protect us. It seems clear that union inflamed firemen feel that their only role is to bleed dry the people’s tax money and if they don’t get their demands met, why they’ll burn the city to the ground.

If this incident doesn’t show how unions poison the workplace and put us all in danger, what does?

(Originally posted at TheUnionLabelBlog.com)

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