Modern Day Intolerable Acts

The Heritage Foundation responds to the health care vote. They say it better (and with less cussing) than I could:

As for the States filing suit? YES.

South Carolina, where I live, has already committed to doing so. Our Attorney General, Henry McMaster, released a statement on Friday and again tonight.

After the U.S. House’s historic vote Sunday night passing the health care reform bill, South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster issued the following statement:

“The health care legislation Congress passed tonight is an assault against the Constitution of the United States. It contains various provisions and federal mandates that are clearly unconstitutional and must not be allowed to stand.

A legal challenge by the States appears to be the only hope of protecting the American people from this unprecedented attack on our system of government.

Michelle Malkin has a list of all other States who have started, or who are about to start, the process.

Make phone calls to your AG offices. Get this ball rolling.



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