MSNBC’s Bashir Suggests Romney Not Drinking Alcohol Could Put Country In Jeopardy

Of course, having a president who was uniquely unqualified for the position, as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden told us, one who has seen historic long term 8%+ unemployment, record debt and deficits, record spending with no reward, wasted billions on failed green companies, wasted $800 billion on his failed Stimulus, has annoyed our allies, and passed a very unliked health care bill, among others, doesn’t put the country in jeopardy

(Daily Caller) On his Monday MSNBC program, just a week after condemning former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to hell based on the Book of Mormon, afternoon host Martin Bashir cited a column from The New York Times’ Timothy Egan to suggest that Romney isn’t fit for the White House because he does not drink.

“A teenage taste of beer aside, Mitt Romney does not consume alcohol, which begs the question – will total abstention put his candidacy, perhaps even this great nation, in jeopardy?” Bashir said. “That’s the conundrum that could be drawn from a column by New York Times writer Timothy Egan, who does not deal in half measures.”

Got that? Because Romney doesn’t drink booze, this country could be in extreme danger!!!!!!1!!!! From the NY Times idiocy

I’ve always thought the beer buddy threshold was nonsense. Still, it’s worth considering what a White House without a tippling tenant would be like. Sobriety, laudable in many respects, does imply rigidity of thought. The best presidents were open-minded, and generally open to a drink. The nondrinkers, at least over the last century or so, were terrible presidents.

See? What we need in the White House is a drunk. Of course, as both Bashir and the Times article point out, both Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush were non-drinkers. Carter was an abject failure. With Bush, liberals attempt to paint his presidency as a failure, forgetting about the way he turned around the recession he was left with (no blame on Clinton, recessions happen), the way he responded to 9/11 to get America back on track, and turned the economic downturn which resulted from 9/11 around, the way we had historically low unemployment, and how he freed tens of millions from violent and murderous despots/regimes. Everything was going well until the Democrats took over Congress, then things imploded.

Liberals will try anything to deflect away from the pathetic policies of (NMP) Obama, so, expect more as we move towards the general election. At least Romney didn’t eat a dog.

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