NAACP Registers Inmates to Vote

ACORN isn’t the only militant moonbat outfit that uses felons to advance Democrat chances at the polls.

The NAACP is registering voters at prisons in Maine, one of just two states that allow all inmates to vote while behind bars, in what is apparently the nation’s first such statewide drive. …

Though prison inmates tend to skew to the Democratic side, the drive isn’t about furthering any political agenda, said Rachel Talbot Ross, president of the Portland chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Bwahahaha! Felons tend to skew toward Demonrats? If they didn’t have liberal morals, they wouldn’t be in prison, and the NAACP would be about as interested in helping them register as Virginia’s Democrat establishment is in letting our troops vote.

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How remarkable that this should be the first activity ever undertaken by the ultra-left NAACP that isn’t about furthering their race-obsessed, statist political agenda.

Only in Maine and Vermont can convicts in state prisons vote from behind bars. Look for this to change, especially if excessive scrutiny prevents ACORN from providing Dems with the illicit votes they’ve been counting on.

They “tend to skew to the Democratic side.” Mug shots via The Mock Dock.

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