Nancy Pelosi Gets a NASTY Surprise During Live Speech at DNC

Nancy Pelosi Gets a NASTY Surprise During Live Speech at DNC

If you thought that Ted Cruz getting booed at the RNC was scandalous, then you’re going to have a heart attack when you see what happened at the breakfast where Nancy Pelosi spoke. Grab your popcorn, y’all.


From The Washington Free Beacon:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) both were booed at a breakfast for Florida party delegates on Monday.

The disgruntled delegates started interrupting and booing individuals who were slotted to speak at the event the day the Democratic National Convention is set to start.

“Members of the delegation repeatedly disrupted the lineup of speakers, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, with protestations against Clinton and cheers for her erstwhile primary rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders,” Roll Callreported.

Pelosi tried to send a message of unity to the audience despite the boos, which continued as other speakers came to the podium.

“But whenever a speaker talked about uniting to elect Clinton in November, the crowd balked. They booed Rep. Michael M. Honda. And chanted, “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!” during Rep. Barbara Lee’s address,” Roll Call noted.

The crowd appeared to be reacting to the scandal following the DNC email hack, which revealed active favoritism for Hillary Clinton during the primary and caused Schultz to step down before the end of her tenure. Pelosi pointed out that she had never approved of superdelegates to appease the protestors, but to no avail, according to Roll Call.

But the crowd wasn’t having it. When a “Bernie” sign was thrust in Pelosi’s face on stage, she remained calm, saying, “I don’t consider it a discourtesy even if it is intended as one.”

The minority leader said she’d always opposed superdelegates and praised Sanders for staying in the race through the California primary in June because he helped boost turnout that resulted in more down-ballot Democrats finishing in the state’s top-two primary system.

Schultz was the first person in a leadership position to be booed off stage during her address. She tried to ignore the heckles by yelling her speech at the delegates.

Hillary Clinton was licking her lips at the thought of Republicans fighting over Trump and Cruz. Doesn’t feel so good when you’re in the middle of the war, does it HillBilly?

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